AV 30 - Environmental Safe Neutral Paint Removal (Gel Type)

AV 30 - Environmental Safe Neutral Paint Removal (Gel Type)

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(NW1011NU) AV 30 - Environmental Safe Neutral Paint Removal (Gel Type)

  • Effective on removal of pollyurethane & difficult epoxies
  • Environmentally preferred and very worker friendly
  • AV-30 conform to these specification : BOEING D6-17487 & AMS 1375 Remover
  • Most safe effective and safe paint stripper for the aerospace & automotive industry
Features & Benefits
  • Fast-acting, cost effective
  • Environmentally compliant. Contains no chlorinated solvent
  • Viscous liquid gives better dwell time
  • Remains wet on surfaces for many hours, reducing need to re-apply
Uses & Applications
  • First choice for stripping organic coating off non-ferrous metals.
  • All parts of application equipment contact with AV 30 must be made of stainless steel or plastic
  • Work with epoxy paint system
  • Excellent choice for removal of powder paints in aerospace & automotive industries.
How to use
  • Spray or brush Nexchemie AV 30 onto surface to be stripped
  • Dwell time is dependent upon temperature & airflow
  • Once stripper has loosened paint, squeegee or agitate surface to remove loosened paint & stripper residues.
  • If second application of Nexchemie AV 30 is requires, apply after removing loosened paint
  • Once operation complete, surface should be cleaned with alkaline soap.
  • Rinse all surfaces thoroughly
  • Store away from sunlight. Direct sunlight will caused color of product degrades from milky white to slight yellow.


    20 kgs/ Pail MYR 1'200.00/ Pail
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