Private Label


Private Label

OEMs as private branded products for sale through distributors in a variety of market segments.
Nexchemie is offering private label programs in 9 primary markets:
• Healthcare / Medical
• Aerospace / Trasportation
• Food & Beverage
• Manufacturing
• Industrial
• Bank / commercial office
• Facilities / Public services / School
• Entertainment
• Consumer / Household

Why Nexchemie Private Label?

We produce private label products for OEM’s that wish to enter the
specialty chemical , health and hygiene field.
Private labeling is more than putting your company’s name and logo on
a product. It is a representation of your company, your identity, and your
reputation. The products you choose to private label should meet the
same high-standards you set for your company.


  • With a custom-designed label, it is easy to build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand with a line of Nexchemie quality formulas.
  • With more than 200 professional strength, high-quality specialty products to choose from, Nexchemie customers have the advantage of building and expanding their product lines without expense and delay.
  • Nexchemie will not undercut OEM’s in any market channel.
  • Nexchemie ensures competitive pricing, utilizing state of the art manufacturing facilities.
  • Competitive Cost Base

Minimum Order Quantities

  • Nexchemie minimum order quantities are not prohibitive to entry-level organizations looking to penetrate the market.
  • Minimum order quantities for domestically produced specialty chemical / health and hygiene products are 500 to 1500 cases/boxes/ drums per run, depending on the product.

The Competitive Advantage

  • Unique Formulas / proprietary formulas that are fast perform, more user friendly, and are far more compatible with surfaces/skin.
  • Highly competitive pricing that enables major market penetration.

OEM Support

  • Nexchemie does not sell against its OEM customers.
  • Nexchemie will not undercut its clients in the marketplace.

Value Added Services

  • Regulatory expertise,
  • Third party Tested and result proven products in your OWN BRAND
  • Products design, label design, MSDS compliance to current regulatory.