Hydration Hand Sanitizer

Germs and bacteria are lurking everywhere. Whenever you twist a doorknob, lean on a railing, accept change from a cashier, or push a button in an elevator, germs can transfer from the surface to your skin. That’s why thorough handwashing is so important in preventing the spread of illness; scrubbing your hands with hot, soapy water removes germs and bacteria before they have the chance to infect you or spread to other people. According to the CDC, this is the best way to reduce the amount of microbes on your hands in the majority of situations. To further reduce the spread of germs, you can apply a hand sanitizer.

Although a sanitizing product shouldn’t replace hand washing, it can further decrease the odds that you will get sick. In addition, because sinks are not particularly portable, it isn’t always possible to wash your hands. In these situations, a hand sanitizer is your best bet.


Typically available in a foam or gel form, hand sanitizers allow people to immediately reduce the number of germs on their skin. They are an easy and convenient way to protect your health and the health of those around you.


Alcosof Laven Gel is an alcohol-based Hydration Hand Sanitizer which provides Extra protection with broad spectrum of antimicrobial, perfect to eliminate germs, keeping hands clean and smooth on the go. It is specially formulate with saccharide isomerate, skin identical carbohydrate complex, that supplies deep hydration to skin, for up to 72 hours. This powerful hydration sanitizer, enriched with unique moisture magnet, gives longer lasting skin protection against dehydration, maintaining skin's natural beauty, leaving skin soft, smooth, refreshed, hydrated and healthy. Infused with 100% Natural Lavender oil, extracted from the flower of Lavandula angustifolia, known for anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. It also soothes skin irritation, burns and revitalize skins, the aroma from lavender oil give a calming effect that relieves stress, anxiety, depression and nervous tension.

Features & Benefits
  • Perfect to Eliminate 99.9999% of Germs (Tested according to EN 1040)
  • Rehydrates Skin in 28 Days
  • Deep Hydration Up to 72 hours
  • Enriched with Micro Moisture Serum
  • On The Go Protection
  • Infused with 100% Natural Essential Oil


So if you are looking for a simple, convenient way to protect your health, reach for Alcosof Hydration Hand Sanitizer Lavender Gel. This skin-sanitizing foam is safe for people of all ages and 99% effective. It safeguards and soothes the skin, and it comes in a convenient, reusable plastic bottle with an easy-to-use finger-pump dispenser.

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The use of hand sanitizers does not replace diligent hand washing multiple times daily.