SS-Coat 909 - Silver Zinc Spray

SS-Coat 909 - Silver Zinc Spray

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(3001) SS-COAT 909

  • Highest Cohesion
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Anti Rusting
  • Approved by Korean Repair of Shipping
Features & Benefits
  • Does Not Affect Welding
  • Excellent Touch Up for Galvanizing Substrates Repair
  • Produces a Dry Coating with the Bright Finish of Hot-Dip Galvanizing
  • Rust Prevention
Uses & Applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Automotive Plants
  • Railways Car, Freezer Car
  • Refineries, Power Plants
  • Agricultural/ Transportation/ Civil Engineering Machines
  • Steel Materials and Structural Steel (Bridge, Steel-barred Window, Iron Railing, Container, Tanks, Vessel Pipe and Fences
            How To Use


            Remove red rust or mill scale from the steel surface by using sand blast, shot blast or pickling. When oil, dust and moisture are adhered, cohesion of coating agent decreases

            Degreasing and Drying are required

            How to Coat

            1. Spray Method (Aerosol Product)

            a) Shake it Well for about 1 minute before spraying

            b) Spray it to pretreated applied surface evenly

            Apply it about 30cm away from applied surface

            Thin Application over several times is more effective than one time thick application

            2. Air Gun Method (Bulk Products)

            a) Spray it to pretreated applied surface in the same way as ordinary paints

            3. Brush Method (Bulk Products)

            a) Apply it evenly to pretreated applied surface

            Apply it in the same direction to prevent brush marks

              Packaging Price
              360gm/can (20 cans / box) MYR 70.00/ can