BN Spray - High-temperature Lubricant & Mold Release Agent

BN Spray - High-temperature Lubricant & Mold Release Agent

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(2008) BN SPRAY

  • Forming anti-abrasive dry film with excellent cohesiveness
  • Excellent anti-abrasiveness
Features & Benefits
  • White lubricant and release agent with excellent heat resistance(1200°C)
  • Easy-to-use spray type
  • Quick drying product improving workability and cost-effectiveness
Uses & Applications
  • Mold release agent in molding diamond tool

  • Lubricant and release agent for molding aluminium chassis

  • Lubricant for chain, conveyer, open gear and high temperature furnace used in iron mill and glass factory requiring high temperature

  • Release agent for product molten at high temperature: release agent for molding of molten metal, molten glass and high-temperature molten product

  • Mold release agent for rubber & plastic molding

How To Use
  • Clean oil, dust and carbon off applied surface before using it. (Use NABAKEM PMC-3 or DC-5000 to degrease mold and metal)

  • Shake the can well.

  • Spray it evenly in the distance of 30cm.

  • When 1∼2 passes after spraying, it does not adhere to your hands.

  • It is cured completely.

  • Five minutes at 70°C will do to make it cured.

  • Then, its cohesiveness is improved.

Packaging Price
420ml/can (20 cans/ box) MYR 99.00/ Can